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Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide safe, economical, and appropriate transportation Services to companies based in UAE through maintaining a healthy environment and fulfilling social responsibilities towards the society”

Vision Statement

“We envision a Company culture in love: embodying compassion, honesty, self-responsibility, and delight in diversity, cooperation, and the honoring of all Customers. This vision recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings and supports each other in business community”

Our Values

The values that members of Jabal Seer General Transporting share help keep us together. We all work towards achieving goals that:

  • Fosters a sense of community
  • Is ecologically responsible
  • Strives for equality
  • Embraces diverse groups of people
  • Supports personal growth
Company Main Services Provisions
  • General Transportation Services
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields and Facilities Services
  • Chemical wastes collection
  • Drainage collection and transportation
  • Metal waste collection works
  • Non-metal wastes collection
  • Provision of drinking and non-drinking water


Brief Introduction

Jabal Seer General Transporting is established since a year ago to provide services to companies located in UAE. The Company also provides services of collection of general wastes, collection of metal and non-metal wastes and collection of drainage water, Cement and construction wastes, Oily wastes and Garbage. So Jabal Seer plays an important role in maintaining the environment clean. Jabal seer also provides the services of providing drinking and non-drinking water to various companies in UAE.